I want to go
I want to go home now
I want to go
I want to go home now
(let's go)

Saturday night Rainbow Bar and Grill
Where there's cocaine lines and a little white pill
A beer and a gin now I can't see straight
Slip it in, no glove, oops, too late
I remember her face but forgot her name
She forgot mine too ain't that a shame
Smelled like reefer and my hairs a mess
I left my love running down her dress


Dave from Drowning Pool is here
Steals my women and he drinks my beer
Buys me a pizza and a shot of Jim Beam
And ask who the f*ck is Angeline
I go to piss in the parking lot, well I
Get in a fight but I don't get caught
Hell no problem cuz the nights still young
I want a little more gonna get ya some


(CC let's go)

Rock stars, movie stars a Hollywood scene
I eat dinner with Nick Cage and Charlie Sheen
Nick asks me what the hell Unskinny Bop means
It's slang for CC banging a porno queen

Mario, Michael, Tony and Steady
RV won't ya get table six ready
My platinum records hang all around
Rainbow's home when I'm in this town

Chorus out

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