Lately boy, your head ain't right
And nothing seems to thrill you
Word on the streets is
No sex no more 'cause, it'll kill you

You touch, she bites,
You push, she shoves
Then she yells in your ear
No glove, no love
Oh, it'll ruin the mood
But you know she's right
When the big head stops and the little head talks
You better learn how to walk the walk

As far as I can see
It's really no big mystery
It's the same old story
No ring, no gets
It ain't the boat you float
It's the motion in the ocean and I quote:
Before you start pumping that fuel out your jets
No ring, no gets

This feeling coming over you
It's a very frustrating emotion
You keep thinking your smooth
Start making your move
But your lady starts causin' commotion

You'd like to round the bases
You know that's for sure
Cause Miss Palm and her five sisters just
Don't cut it no more
You know tonight you'd like to fly her kite
But the wind ain't blowing you got that right


Woman hold the lock
A man's known that for years
You're going up inside to persuade that key
Could bring a man to tears

Your gun is loaded
You got her right in sight
About to pull your trigger
When the girl pulls out the lights

But keep your cool don't make a scene
Cause her ?

Chorus (2x's)

But you won't find (repeat)..
Spoken: Shut Up!

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