[(a) Winding Shot (Summer 1981)]

If you fall asleep with me
You can dream and drowse
The minutes turn to hours

We could climb a tree or two
And watch the sun go down
Upon our sleepy town

After all the time I spent with you
Summer went away
And we just weren't the same

It's just you and me alone
Not grown ups but not kids
You kissed me on the lips

"Let me say that our mission here at this time is
about come to a close in the next few days.
We came from distant space and even what some might
call somewhat of an another dimension and we about to
return from whence we came.

It's required that if you're to move into this
evolutionary kingdom that you leave behind everything
of human ways, human behavior, human ignorance, human misinformation.

If I would title this tape, it would be:
Last chance to evacuate planet earth before it is recycled.
Last chance to evacuate Earth before it is recycled."


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