She has taken
All my money
She has taken
All my lives

She gave me good times
She gave me bad times
And then she gave me
Her good-bye

There's no heart inside of her
She is just a slot-machine
The most cold-heart evil zombie bitch that
I have ever seen

The game is over, I'm not her lover
I'm not her lover anymore
She said sorry as she told me
That I'm not even in her highscore

Forever and ever no more together
Such a vain endeavor in this game called love
No more lives, no more doubt
The game is over, over and out

Now I'm scattered
Now I'm broken
I can't take it

I ain't nothing
But the shadow
Of the man
That i was before

And so I beg for mercy
For an extraball to play
One more life, only one more life
To face the trouble on my way

The game is over ...

Now all the players getting ready
Even though there's no way to win
They feed the slot-machines with tokens
But they can't fill the void within

The game is over ...

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