Girl don't take it all so hard
Don't you cry (don't you cry)
Girl don't take the meaning wrong
Its not goodbye (It's not goodbye)

'Cause one chance to make a dream come true
So I've got to leave for now
'Cause this same road that takes me away
It's gonna lead me back, back to you somehow

But for now I'm far away, far away
and I can't be there tonite
when I'm far away, far away
You're always on my mind
And even now we're miles apart
I'll always keep your love in my heart

Don't say you've lost the one you love
You're not alone (you're not alone)
Still have someone to call your own
I'm comin' home (I'm comin' home)

'Cause rain and sun and the wind and snow
Won't hold me back from you
Just a little bit longer don't lose hope
'Cause I swear to you girl, I'm still lovin' you


Babe I know the wait it's hard
Won't be long (It won't be long)
Babe just keep my love alive
While I'm gone (while I'm gone)


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