know what people say
They say U don't know how 2 love
But I want U anyway
U're like a drug and I can't get enough
U'd be great in motion pictures
Cuz baby, U really got me blind
U're the only one I wanna see
U're the only one that does it 2 me every time

Baby, U're an ocean that's 2 wide 2 cross
Baby, U're the cross that's 2 deep 2 bear
Baby, U're the star that's 2 far away
Baby, U're a trip and a half, but I don't care

I know what people think
They think I'm a star struck little fool
But, baby, U could be flat broke
I'd still be crazy 4 U
And I know that I'm in love
Cuz I'd change my whole life just 2 make U smile
And I still can't have U when I want
But when I do it's only 4 a little while
Go on, baby

(Oh yeah)

U see, it's in my diet (Diet)
Something in the water don't compute
Baby, I'm quite happy after U give me love
U can see who's the fool (U!)

U're an ocean 2 wide 2 cross
U, U're a cross 2 deep 2 bear, yes U are
U are that star 2 far away, pretty baby
U are a trip and a half, I don't care

CHORUS {fade out}

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