7.3 seconds 2 funkdown and counting
6..5.. I can't wait! Cut it!

(Carmen, Carmen on top) {x4}

I have got a bone 2 pick - Why?
Cuz I'm sick of living in the slowest lane
I am what U call a hip-roarin' dame (U tell 'em baby!)
Let me tell U, say I am convinced without a guess
The possibility of a game in a previous life
In other words I've been here before
That's why when I party I kick down every door, every door
Nothing is ridiculous, so when the funk is sticking 2 the floor (What?)
In other words, the music's what I party 4 (This is your house, Carmen)
And with a beat like this, how could U ever resist? (Ho!)
Jump into the skin and get into the real shit (Ah!)

Carmen, Carmen on top (Please don't stop)
Carmen, Carmen on top (Please don't stop)
Carmen, Carmen on top (Please don't stop)
Carmen, Carmen on top

(Tell 'em where U're from, girl)
Ohio - Cincinnati Town
Cuz that's where I was born?
No, that's where I dropped down (Hospital table)
On hospital table, huh
Ready and able from the time they slapped my ass (Woo!)
2 my last high school class (But how funky do U wanna be?)
And destined 2 be funkier than any other just as fast (How fast?)
As he could go (Right)
The C is 4 the car, the M is 4 the men in my shows (Ho!)
This is a family affair
U better hold tight cuz the C is gettin' there

{crowd noise}

Ah yeah
Put your guitar here

Can she take U 2 the top? (Here we go {x2})
Can she take U 2 the top (Oh, oh!)
(U tell 'em Carmen!)

Let me tell U now, I come from a real funky crew
Bootsy from my hometown, I used 2 like [one dude]
(Y'all are crazy) {Bootsy sample}
And I said if I ever got the chance
I wanna make music, make the people dance like that
Another basement low
Thumpin' on the bottom while the Carmen's on the top of the flow
(Go! Go! Go! ...)
I'm wasting' every dame
Ain't never been a slimmie that could ever do quite the same (Mailman)
(Carmen, Carmen, Carmen...)
I think we should have shuffled the top
Now I'm in your party and I ain't go'n stop

(They can't mess with U, baby)
(U tell 'em Carmen)
Let me tell it
(Please don't stop) {repeat till end}

7.3 seconds 2 funkdown and counting
6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1

Carmen, ha ha.. {repeat in loop}

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