I am the cybersingle, that is me
Come and get my download
2 be free or not 2 be free,
That is the question, see?
All the beautiful ones are with me
See, it's lovely

As the media tightens (What?) its grip on U (U know)
And the beast continues (What?) 2 split in 2 (Listen y'all)
Superman steps in the phone booth (Word) one more time (Come on, come on)
2 drop another cybersingle (Drop it) life-saving rhyme (It's lovely)
Lookin' for a sound that'll make U organize
Dead Prez. and Rage conspire 2 open up your eyes (Can U see?)
What good is a mind of a man if it's run by another? (Nothing)
Take back your conscienceness, my sisters and brothers!

(Yeah yeah)
(That is me)

It's lovely

Can't leave the keys in my brand-new car
Cuz U don't know it's wrong 2 steal
The devil got U thinkin' he's invisible
But how he make U act is real

Talk a beat
Turn around, long hand, come on

Television got your mind but U got 2 get free

Purple Haze
Jesus saves

Sister and brothers have love 4 one another! {x2}
Cyber, cyber {x2}

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