Boy is lonely on a burning hot summer night
A car door slams - out jumps Coco in a dress so tight
The likeness of Jesus on a leather coat
She's 2 smart 4 ecstasy, she's 2 fast 4 coke
She takes the boy by the hand
The only thing he understands
Is that she wants him on the dance floor

Elephants and flowers

Hot sweaty light paints a picture red and gold
On their just turned 18-year old bodies - superbold!
Scream and dance 4 12 hours 2 the New Power Soul (New Power)
No sex, no drugs, no devil here - just gold ol' rock'n'roll

Elephants and flowers

Love the One who is Love, the One who gives us the power
The One who made everything - elephants and flowers
The One who will listen when all others will not
There will be peace 4 those who love God a lot

Elephants and flowers {x2}

No confusion (Confusion)
No tears (No tears)
No enemies (No)
No fear (No fear)
No sorrow (Sorrow)
No pain (No pain)
No ball (No ball and no chain)

Sex is not love, love is not sex
Putting words in other people's mouth won't get U elected
Don't kiss me, just talk 2 me {x2}


Elephants and flowers {x2}
(C'mon, everybody)

98 in the dark {fade out}
The DJ on the racecar
He tried 2 put it in park
But it wants 2 groove more

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