Face down! {x2}
(U know what he's sayin'?)

Face down, M-O-N-E-Y
Don't play with my money
Face down, never gonna take what's mine
Cuz it sho' ain't funny

Somebody once told him that he wouldn't take Prince through the ringer
Let him go down as a washed up singer
Ain't that a bitch?
Thinkin' all along that he wanted 2 be rich
Never respected the root of all evil and he still don't 2 this day, huh
Bury him face down, let 'em all kissa ass, OK?


Told 'em he wanted 2 sing a song about a black child going buck wild
And they just laughed in his face
Talk 2 your lawyer but U got no case
Whatcha need 2 do is keep your place
Next time U pull a card it betta be a ace
Huh, or U can lay face down

(1,2) {x2}

Horns! {x2}
Bass! {x2}

Him and her meaning who I'm singin' about
And his psychoanalyst kinda saw the catalyst
As the devil with the blue jeans on (huh)
And the party goes on and on
Sign the name they gave ya
But when them suckers wanna come around ass up, U're what?

Face down!
Don't play with my money
(Oh!) Face down!
New Power Generation in the house-bury 'em all (Cuz it sho' ain't funny)
Face down!
Face down!

Orchestra! (Uh!)
Orchestra! (What key y'all in? Whoo!)
Orchestra! (Face down!)
Uh, orchestra! (Face down!)

(Face down) It's in his will, I read it, he shot 2 kill
He said it, "4 those who know the number and don't call
Huh, later 4 y'all"


Face down, MONEY
Face down
Face down, MONEY
Face down

Face down (Uh!) {x2}
Face down (Uh, uh!) {x2}

(Face down) {repeat in background}
Well this ain't nuthin' but a little funky mack song
All I'm sayin' is that I wanna smack it all night long
On and on until the early morn
Givin' up whatcha need so U can get yo groove on
And as long as I got your attention
There's a couple of new positions that I wanna mention
Did ya ever hear the one about the pinwheel?
That's the one where I put your legs behind your head and
Real dirty-like spin U around
Grab U by your waste and pump U till I hear my baby say "Oww!"
That's what I know U like
I'm your brutha now and I'm about 2 read your rights
And then as sho' as I'm a nasty boy
Girl U know U got the right 2 make plenty noise
This is your night and I'ma do U real good
Gettin' face down in them panties like I should

Face down (Uh! D.C.)
Don't play with my money
Face down (Uh!)
Cuz it sho' ain't funny
Face down (Uh, uh, uh!)
Face down

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