Everybody pump it like ya want somebody
(Everybody grab a body, pump it like U want somebody)

No {x2}

1 2 3
Naw, little cutie, I ain't drinkin'
But scope this, I was just thinkin'
U + me, what a ride
If U was thinkin' the same, we could continue outside
Lay your pretty body against the parkin' meter
Strip your dress down like I was strippin' a Peter Paul's Almond Joy
Lemme show U, baby, I'm a talented boy

How can I put this in a way so as not 2 offend or unnerve?
But there's a rumor goin' all around that U ain't been gettin' served
They say that U ain't "U know what" in, baby, who knows how long
It's hard 4 me 2 say what's right when all I wanna do is wrong

Gett off - 23 positions in a one night stand
Gett off - I'll only call U after if U say I can
Gett off - Let a woman be a woman and a man be a man
Gett off - If U want 2, baby, here I am

(Here I am)

I clocked the jizz from a friend of yours named Vanessa Bet (Bet)
She said U told her a fantasy that got her all wet (Wet)
Something about a little box with a mirror and a tongue inside (Yeah) (Ohh, inside)
What she told me then got me so hot, I knew that we could slide (Oh)

(Come on, gett off)
(Gett off)
(Ge-get-ge-gett off)
(Come on)

Everybody pump it like ya want somebody

Everything about U just screams of a real sexy affair
The nasty way U walk, the way U flip your hair
Babygirl, I'm all veins when I'm scopin' that body rare
Betcha I'ma pack a lunch and spend a while there, ohh

(Hear me)

(Gett off)

I'm gonna kiss in U front of everybody, I don't care
That's right, I pulled your dress up
Shit, U ain't got no underwear on (That's right)
I shoulda known, I shoulda known
Butterscotch curly hair, I wish U had some drawers on now
Stone freak 2 the bone
I can't believe it, we're going home (Stone freak 2 the bone)

Everybody grab a body, pump it like U want somebody {x2}
Gett off

So here we are, here we are in my paisley crib
What cha want 2 eat? (Ribs!)
Naw Toy, I don't serve ribs
U better be happy that dress is still on
I heard the rip when U sat down
Honey, them hips is gone
But that's alright, I clock 'em that way (Yeah)
Remind me of somethin' James used 2 say
"I like 'em fat, I like 'em proud
U got 2 have a mother 4 me"
Now move your big ass 'round this way
So I can work on that zipper, baby
2night U're a star and I'm the Big Dipper
Na, na, na, na {x2}

Everybody grab a body, pump it like U want somebody (Gett off)
Gett Off (Come on and pump it like ya want somebody)

Ooh, I think I like it with the dress half on
I'll zip it far enough 2 see the crack'o'dawn
Don't worry about the bust, I'm gonna lock up every door
Then we can do it in the kitchen on the floor
Or in the bathroom standing on the tub and holding on the rod
U're in the closet underneath the clothes and...oh my God!
In the bedroom on the dresser with your feet in the drawers
In the pantry on the shelf, I guaranteed U won't be bored
The pool table, yeah, move the sticks
And put the 8-ball where it's sure 2 stick
Dudley do no wrong 2night if Nell just let him kick it

(Kick it) {x3}

Gett off (Everybody pump it like ya want somebody)
Gett off
Gett off (Everybody pump it like ya want somebody)
Gett off
Well come on!

Gett off
Come on baby, won't cha, won't cha, won't cha get-ge-ge-get off

(Gett off) {x2}

Come on T, gett off
U know U gotta, U know... gett off
Sounds so funky, hey
Oh, U got it goin' on now, U got it goin' on now
Gett off and ...{scatting}... gett off
Oops, ah, oop-oop, gett off
{scatting}... gett off
Gett off
Ah, my brother, U sound so good out there on those skin
Workin' on 'em, whoo!
Everybody say, everybody say gett off!
Gett off! {x3}
Get off now now, gett off now, gett off now!

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