Yeah ,Ah Ah ,Ooh

This is the story about a one and only mother
There never was before and there never be another
(Heck I'm gonna school her) so fine you wanna shoot her
Dressed like butter, holdin' a coupl'a glass cutter

Glass cutter
Oh yeah

This is the jam about a purple fantasy
Every man know this is how it sposed to be
So sharp now a brother heart flutter flutter
Dress holdin onto a coupl'a glass cutter
Glass cutter
Oh oh

Tits bout as hard as arabian math
Water drops drippin when ya takin a bath
The towel unravelled and it looks like gravel
All a brother can do is just laugh


But under his breath he gon mutter,
But under his breath he gon mutter,
But under his breath he gon mutter,
Baby gotta coupl'a glass cutter

This about a mother got a brother sprung
I looked up the word heaven, saw a picture of her tongue
If she was a song she'd be sung
Instead of rhyming I'd be a singer so I could brunga parmesan, chedder, cheese
Please you better believe she get's what she wants, cause I wants just what she got
I'm a new car, she's a lot, a whole lotta woman

Girl gotta case'a too fine
She gottit bad
An' thats good
I'm gonna tell it to her face, because another bruva would
I don't wanna make her heart beat go flutter

Coupl'a glass cutter, coupl'a glass cutter, dressed like butter ,coupl'a glass cutter

Her ass so fine ,glass cutter you make my heart go flutter, glass cutter

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