Sh.. shut up already, damn! {repeated}
Housequake {x9}

Check it out ([Let's go crazay]) {sample from Jesse Johnson's "Crazay"}
Check it out

Gonna rock this mother
Gonna rock this mother {looped}
Gonna rock this mother

(Housequake) {x5}
(Let's jam!)

(Housequake) {x2}
(Let's jam!)

Gilbert, get the party [...]
Shake your body till your neighbors stare at cha!

(Quake) {repeated in background}
Housequake - Everybody, everybody jump up and down
Housequake - There's a brand new groove (groove) that's goin' around
Housequake - In this city, in this funky town
Housequake - And the saxophone is the fault, check it out

If U can't rock steady, shut up already
Damn, U got 2 get off if U know what I'm talking about
On the 1 y'all say "Housequake"
Top of your body, let me hear U shout, say
(Housequake) My Lord!
(Housequake) My Lord!
(Housequake) Bullshit, louder, say it!
(Housequake) Ooh-wee

Shock-a-lock-a boom!
What was that? Aftershock!
Everybody, everybody U gotta rock, U gotta rock, come on

We're gonna shake, we're gonna quake
Cuz we got the baddest groove that we could make
We on the 2, y'all, the drummer's gonna tap
We gonna sing it and rock this mother 2 the max
And that's a fact
Housequake - Come on, say it (Housequake)
Come on, U can't follow it
We got the baddest jam in the land
Everybody shut up, listen 2 the band


Shut up already, damn!

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