I'll never open my legs again/To a man who's insecure
I'll never open my legs again/Unless I'm really sure
No I'll never, never,no/Never be another fool
Sad but true, I slept with you/I thought we were in love (i was so blind baby)
I even got a rose tatoo/and that was not enough ( oh you blew my mind)
but ill never,no never no ooh
never be another fool ooh ooh
never be another ah fool,no no

Nothing but the best of me/I gave with open arms ,I loved you so
Alive and well, I'm back from hell/Released of your charms
(It's time to go)
Scene 23, exit, fade to black/Tel me, (why did you have to ) why'd you have to come back
why,This love you need to fade/Leave the past to yesterday
If only one thing is true/I ain't gonna be another fool,ooh
never,no no
Never be another fool
never ,no no no no
Never be another fool
You think about callin'? - Don't!
never ,never no,never be another fool

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