Launch procedure commence
Countdown start
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Keep goin'
Live 4 love {x6}

30,000 feet and still a-counting (Live 4 love)
The attack on my plane is steadily mounting (Live 4 love)
Feel like I could die from my heart a-pounding (Live 4 love)
How can I live 4 love?

(Calling...) Live 4 love, live 4 love
(Calling...) Live 4 love, live 4 love

Kicked outta my home at 17 (Live 4 love) (Get outta here!)
But bounced back and forth like a flicker on a screen (Live 4 love)
Don't nobody know the trouble I've seen (Live 4 love) (Leave me alone!)
How can I live 4 love?

(I'm calling...) Live 4 love, live 4 love
(Calling...) Live 4 love, (4 real) live 4 love
Live 4 love!

(Live 4 love, live 4 love, live!)

My mission, so they said, was just 2 drop the bombs
Don't think about the families, the babies or the moms
Just like I got no conscience, just like I got no qualms
Just like I don't live 4 love

Go, Tommy, go! {x8}

So here, my target is approaching
The angel on my shoulder starts coaching
Is it the angel of death, I take a deep breath
How can I die, how can I die?
How can I die 4 love?

Maybe I was better off staying in school (Live 4 love)
But everybody said flying planes was cool (Live 4 love)
It's so easy 2 say when U're not goin' through
How can I live 4 love? (Live 4 love)

(I'm calling...) Live 4 love, live 4 love
(Calling...) Live 4 love, (live 4 love) live 4 love

Damn! I got hit, but I could still complete the mission (Live 4 love)
I flash upon my own father, long ago wishin'
Before we die, that I would always try (Live 4 love)
Always try 2 live 4 love
2day I'm in another place, I have another face (Live 4 love)
My name has been changed 2 protect my new race
The choice U make is vital (Live 4 love)
So at the end of my recital I say, "U got 2 live 4 love"

Keep goin'
(Live 4 love)
[Steady, steady]

Live, live
(Live 4 love)
Live, live {repeated}
(Live 4 love) {repeated}

Live 4 love, without love U don't live
And how U make it is based on what U're givin' back
In fact only a few of us slip through the cracks
Through generations the cards have always been stacked against us
So love each other, it's a must
If we just trust and cut the fuss
Believe me, unity is a must
A concept of havin' it is blurred
The American Dream is over, haven't U heard?
I'm kickin' reality in the streets of the city
There's this mentality what goes around comes around
And gangk any clown who ain't down with the colors that U're sportin' 'round
Listen G, U are supposed 2 be
Strivin' 2 be the best that U can be
So stop tryin' 2 dominate and push and shove (Live 4 love)
Come on, y'all, we got 2 live 4 love

Live 4 love {repeat}

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