Are there really angels
Or are they just in our mind?
It all comes out in the wash... in time

New power
Lay down your funky weapon (Whoo!)
(Oh-oh-oh) {x3} (Whoo!)
(Oh-oh-oh) {x3}

Pardon me 4 livin' but this is my world 2
I can't help if what's cool 2 us might be strange 2 U
Pardon me 4 breathin', can we borrow some of your air?
The problem with U and your kind is U don't know love is there

Lay down your funky weapon, come join us on the floor
Makin' love and music's the only things worth fighting 4
We are the New Power Generation - we wanna change the world
The only thing that's in our way is U, ooh
Your old fashioned music, your old ideas
We're sick and tired of U tellin' us what 2 do, ooh

Pardon me 4 thinkin' but there's something under my hair
I bet (maybe) U thought the lights were on but no one's livin' there
U think that if U tell enough lies they will see the truth
I hope they bury your old ideas the same time they bury U

(Oh yeah)
(U, U)

We are the new (Huh!)
We are the new {x2}
Makin' love and music
New Power, (huh!) we stand

Huh (Oh yeah)
New power (Won'tcha give 2 us)
So if U didn't come 2 party child
I think U better get up offa my block!

(Hey yeah, yeah)
(U, U, U, U)
(Your old ideas)
(Why don't U just be happy, baby?)

We are the New Power Generation
(Oh-oh-oh) {x3}
We are the New Power Generation
New power
New Power Generation
New power
New Power Generation
New power {repeated and sampled}

{samples and title repeats}
(Oh-oh-oh) {x3} {repeated}

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