I am the universe
The sun, the moon and sea
I am the energy
4 that is what I believe
I can be a contradiction
Cuz that is all I see
But I am the universe
And the universe is me

I am the one song (Ah yes)
And that one song is free
All things come from this one song (Yes they do, uh)
The garden and the tree
If everything, everything is present
What is will always be
This here is the first and the last song
And all that come between

When language falls like a wounded soldier
And it's covered by the sea
All the sadness
All these unanswered questions
Keep me company
Company, company, company, come 2 me, come 2 me please
Here at the center of it all
(I know) I know that U can only come from me

(I am the universe)
Yes it will, oh, yes it will (The sun, the moon and sea)
Where else is it gonna come from but me? (I am the universe)
Oh my, my my my my my my my universe (The universe is me)
(I am the universe)
(The sun, the moon and sea)
(I am the universe) (We are the universe) {x2}
(The universe is me)

One truth (One truth)
One song (One song)
One energy

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