Poor little bastard
Where is your papa now?
I don't think he'd be too proud
Of people laughing out loud
At his little baby
Shamelessly working the crowd
Poor little baby
Where is your papa now?

Poor little blind one
Can't U see through the lies
Why must U patronize
While I'm waiting by your side
2 make U happy
While others make U cry
Poor little blind one
Why can't I be your eyes?

I've always loved U
Like the stars will love the moon
Like a singer loves a tune that's in her key
U're just right 4 me

Poor little bastard
If there's a place in the sun
Faster than anyone
That's where I would run
Whenever U call
I'll be there 2 break your fall
Poor little bastard - I'll be your papa now {x2}

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