U sexy motherfucker

(Sexy, sexy) {repeat throughout song}
(Come on) {repeat throughout song}
Yep {repeat throughout song}

Hallelujah! {x2}

U sexy motherfucker
U sexy mother {x2}
U sexy motherfucker

Lord have mercy!

In a word or 2, it's U I wanna do
No, not cha body, your mind U fool

Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker

(Sexy motherfucker)

We're all alone in a villa on the Riviera
That's in France on the south side in case U cared
Out of all yo' friends, I wanna be the closest
That's why I tell U things so U'll be the mostest
When it comes 2 life, 2 be this man's wife
U got 2 be well educated on the subject of fights
I mean prevention of
In other words it's R.E.A.L. meaning of this thing called love
Are U up on this?
If so, then U can get up off a hug and a kiss

(Lord have mercy)
(Sexy motherfucker)

We need 2 talk about things, tell me what cha do
Tell me what cha eat, I might cook 4 U
See, it really don't matter cuz it's all about me and U
Ain't no one else around
I'm even with the blindfold, gagged and bound
I don't mind - see, this ain't about sex
It's all about love being in charge of this life and the next
Why all the cosmic talk?
I just want U smarter than I'll ever be when we take that walk

(Sexy motherfucker)
(Sexy mo...)

Horns, stand up please
I like it, I like it
(Lord have mercy)

U seem perplexed I haven't taken U yet
Can't U see I'm harder than a man could get?
I got wet dreams comin' out of my ears
I get hard if the wind blows your cologne near me
But I can take it cuz I want the whole 9
This ain't about the body, it's about the mind

(Sexy motherfucker)

(Come up 2 the funk)

Yeah, come on

Bug up
Guard your folks who date your daughter
The sexy motherfucker's so fine, I'll drink her bath water
A long-legged 5-foot-8 packin' an ass as tight as a grape
I wanted 2 spit my game but said 2 myself, "Tone, just conversate"
Cuz I'm usually quite the calm one
U never found me out prowlin', boy, I'm just havin' fun
But I had 2 change my state of mind 4 that behind
I bet if U throw that ass in the air, it'd turn into sunshine
[And U know 4 my] sexy motherfucker down 'n deep
U sexy motherfucker
(Sexy motherfucker)

Tommy Barbarella in the house
Scrub the dishes
Come here Tommy, yeah
(Sexy motherfucker)
Levi, Levi, fly (Hallelujah!) (Lord have mercy)
Move man, get... let's move, shit
I like it, I like it

Sexy motherfucker shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass {x2}

U sexy motherfucker {repeat till end}
(Sexy motherfucker) {repeat till end}

(Come up 2 the funk)
(Hallelujah!) {x2}

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