Yeah, NPG in max attack y'all
Yeah, we breakin' backs, no doubt
Get with it, fellas

Boom, yeah!
Keep rocking like that, yeah
Boom, yeah!
Who dared said that we can't jam?
Boom, yeah!
Keep rocking like that, yeah
Boom, yeah!
Something this house funky comes

Get up and step 2 this rhyme
It's about time, get in line, U find
Never will U undermine this, yeah
Shooting from the hip, it's a gift
A funky beat with a verbal twist

(Keep rocking like that, y'all, yeah)

Yeah, this is funky {x2}

Something this house funky comes
A bet with the one, sure shot with the gat
We sprayin' the funk
There is no doubt your daughter learned something
Next up: the introductions

This is an all star squad
U'd better bring more gangk than a lynch mob
U started think U're.. think U're gonna rob
Yeah, cousin', don't quit your day job
Right now I'm gonna ask
The man with the fingers and the sonic blast
And the boom 4 the brother who'll please ya
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up 4 my brother
Levi Seacer

The T the O the M the M the Y
Like a widow, riff, then make'em cry
Come on Rosie (Yeah)
With the vocals so warm and cozy (Uh huh)
When U sing, U make the brothers say, "hold me"
Ladies and gentlemen, Rosie Gaines

Something funky this house come {x4}
(Yeah, who dared said that we can't jam?)

Next up, on drums and percussion
End of discussion
These boys are bum rushing the show
At anytime of given day
Michael B. and Kirky J.
Go, go
Something this... {x4}

Boom, yeah! (Yeah!)
Boom, yeah!
Who dared said that we can't jam?
Boom, ha ha
Boom, yeah! {x2}
Something this house funky comes

Let me ask U get steppin'
And when they do there'll be nothing left when
U open the door
They'll be burning the floor
Making party people scream 4 more
It's on U fellas

Make money, make money, make money
Make money, make money, yeah!

Give a brother a rope
Wanna be a cowboy
Ride 'em, fellas
(Yeah, this is funky)
Something this house funky comes (Yeah, this is funky)

Boom, yeah!
Yeah {x2}

I'm slippery
Ooh, do U think they'll forgive me?
Cuz ain't no way around it, boy
U see that I am getting peed up
What's up?
2day I mackin' paid 4 giving a fuck
Hell no, we said it, U print it, they read it
Give it up
Yo, this question of color, my answer: black
Ask how I'm living?
I said I'm going 4 mine
If it's a crime
I'll do the time, never mind
A system that's been keeping a black ass in line
I'll take it down
Cuz I'm about 2 clown
Make sure it's gonna, boy
Undeniable sound
I take on the task
When things are moving fast
Here's the blast since U like 2 typecast

(Yeah, this is funky) {repeat in background}

Yeah, end of discussion

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