I called U on the phone
U knew it was me all alone
U didn't even say hello
Cuz U don't need words 2 let me know
All the things that U do 2 me
U fulfill my every fantasy

Splash - I'm under your power
Splash - I could go 4 hours
Splash - U could devour me
And I'd only want U more

Oh, when U make love 2 me
I witness things I never thought I'd see
Cherry sugar blue to green (Into green)
Fireworks and rain in every scene
Oh, I love it when U play with me
Ask your mama if U can stay here with me (Stay)


Our love is a real one
2gether we'll have so much fun

U go from room 2 room
Leaving traces of your sweet perfume
If I could, I'd bottle it
Everybody should know the feelin' I get
When I'm in your cool embrace
Your lips, your arms, your legs, your face


I'd want U more and more and more

Splash {x7}

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