Everybody on this earth has got a vice
Mine, little darlin', mine is the opposite of ice
Mine is the runnin' hot water of the daughter of morality
In other words, this little Prince thinks a lot about U, see?
Baby, baby, baby, I'm guilty in the first degree

Workin' my body with a hot flash o' animal lust
All my fingers in the pool go splash we must

Everybody in this room, everybody in this room has got an urge
(What's yours, baby?)
Mine is temptation, it reigns at a party where lovers splurge
Por go mama when daddy get a little 2 much
(U know what I,m talkin' about?)
Purpleelectricity whenever our bodies touch
Oh baby, I love it when our bodies touch


Workin' my body, workin' my body, workin' my body

God: U have 2 want her 4 the right reasons
Prince: I do
God: U don't, now die
Prince: no, no. no

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