There's always something missing
Perfection's come and gone
Someone's always off the mark
When all the rest are on

No use in your denying
You can't escape the facts
For every one who makes it
There's one slips through the cracks

I will always wonder if there could have been another way
When I find a moment alone to reflect on the day
It will fill my heart to flowing over all
Come and take away this rock where I stumble and fall

A compelling reason to follow in steps I've not known
If I fall in battle I'll know it's the war that I own
It will fill my life till nothing remains
Come and break apart this fortress that keeps me in chains

Fires of Heaven, burn through me
Touch of Leaven, make me free

The wine is in the sangraal
It beckons, for it's pure
It's a paragon of freedom
In a world no longer sure

Fill everyone Under the sun

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