Daylight comes in a stream
My bedroom window wakes me from a dream
Faces, leer on the screen
Opinions plentiful, what do they mean...

Today in jerusalem, violence flared
26 were injured, it appears no one cared
Opposing factions kill for their cause
All of them claiming to follow god's laws...

Here we go once again
Another technicolor spectacle of sin
High definition resolution display
Tomorrow's news seen today

On the air, we're live again
I sit and watch the latest bulletin
They call it news, but it's getting so old
The voices rise until the truth is lost in the din

Trinitron positron, in my living room
I drink my coffee contemplate my doom
Turn it down, switch to radio
No place to run nowhere is safe to go

Hey, what can you do?
Just hit my knees and leave it up to you
Sometimes it hits like a runaway train
The winds of change come like a hurricane

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