Panel 1: Two guys sitting on a cliff fishing (a noise in the background)

Panel 2: Father looking up and around, as his son fishes
Father: What's that sound?/
Son: Probably an airplane

Panel 3: Huge sound, and it's a tidal wave!

Panel 4: Shot of father looking surprised
Father: It's a tsunami!

Panel 5: Father grabs his son and runs
Father: Run!!
Son: Wait for me!

Panel 6: I think this is supposed to be a shot of the wave getting them?

Panel 7: Someone way up in the sky, looking down at a boat in that same ocean (who could it be?)

Panel 8: AYA, with a lollipop in his (or her, since he's playing a witch) mouth
AYA: Die nari!

Panel 9: A laser beam shoots from AYA's hands (he doesn't want too much anime, does he?)
AYA: Pii~

Panel 10: Ship blows up

Panel 11: AYA, looking very satisfied
AYA: Yay! What fun.

Panel 12: A big plane comes, shooting at AYA!

Panel 13: AYA throws his (her) lollipop at it

Panel 14: The plane explodes!

Panel 15: Father and son again, in the water (they're still alive?)
Father: Are you okay? Grab onto this! (random rock sticking out of the water)

Panel 16: Son looking like he's umm.. well, having trouble in that there raging ocean

Panel 17: Father's hand grabbing onto the rock

Panel 18: AYA looking at them, licking his lollipop (same "pii~" sound)

Panel 19: The rock explodes!
Father: Ow!

Panel 20: Father and son, floating helplessly away from one another!
Father: John, are you okay?
Son: Father! Help me!

Panel 21: Shot of something I totally do not get. Maybe AYA messing it up more?

Panel 22: AYA, biting his (her) lollipop
AYA: Uhihihihi

Panel 23: AYA laughing and looking ca-razy!
AYA: I'll make everything evil, and mess everyone up even more! Heeheeheeheeheehee! 1