Panel 1,2,3: DAISHI preparing for something, holding his sword!

Panel 4: A tiny little monster, looking quite pathetic and beat up

Panel 5: DAISHI, after he's rushed at it with his sword

Panel 6: Monster falls over and dies

Panel 7: DAISHI, looking wimpily relieved
DAISHI: Whoo.. I did it!

Panel 8: DAISHI jumping happily with Japanese sun and rays behind him (even though he's in some mystical world!)
DAISHI: I did it! I've defeated my 4th monster!

Panel 9: Flashback to DAISHI's parents, talking to him
DAISHI's mum: For a merchant's son to become a hero is a hard task, DAISHI.
DAISHI's dad: Help me with my work.

Panel 10: DAISHI's mother, a tear running down her face
Only one person out of ten thousand can become a hero, DAISHI

Panel 11: DAISHI, smiling up at her
DAISHI: Don't worry, mom! I want to test myself.

Panel 12: Back in the present, DAISHI remembering that encounter
DAISHI: Since that day, I've been getting closer and closer to my dream, mother.

Panel 13: HUGE MONSTER APPEARS BEHIND DAISHI! (like the caps for extra suspense?)

Panel 14: Monster looking badass
Monster: Grrr~
DAISHI: Why is there such a strong monster here?!

Panel 15, 16: Monsters scary eyes, DAISHI looking up at it
DAISHI: I wonder if I'll die here

Panel 17: Monster rushes at DAISHI, who ducks!

Panel 18,19,20: Then, a someone's shield protects him! DAISHI looking up scared, and then a hero's face

Panel 21,22: The hero slices off the monster's head, which falls to the ground

Panel 23: DAISHI looking at the hero
Hero: Are you all right? Children should play quietly at home.

Panel 24: Warrior getting on his horse
Hero: Be careful, all right?

Panel 25: DAISHI, with sparkles behind him, looking re-energized!
DAISHI: Someday, I'll be a hero like that!