Panel 1: Bottom of the ocean

Panel 2: seek looking up at something

Panel 3: A fish swims in front of seek's face, and he's got a huge grin!

Panel 4: The little fish bites seek's finger *tsun tsun*

Panel 5: A huge fush comes over and opens its mouth around the little fish, whose eyes are bugging out! seek doesn't look happy, either.

Panel 6: The big fish swallows the little fish

Panel 7: seek looking angry
seek: You asshole~

Panel 8: seek's head becomes huge and he opens his mouth around the fish (with much strain, apparently, because there's a tear coming out of his eye)
Big fish: You're kidding!

Panel 9: seek swallows the big fish

Panel 10: But now seek has the big fish lodged in his throat!

Panel 11: A HUGE fish figure appears behind seek, who's still struggling to swallow the big fish

Panel 12: The HUGE fish opens its mouth around seek...

Panel 13: ...and swallows him (sound of seek finally swallowing the big fish)

Panel 14: Shot of the HUGE fish swimming away

Panel 15: seek looking surprised
seek: Ui?! 1