Panel 1: YURA-sama's land (I would assume so)

Panel 2: Girls surrounding YURA-sama
Girls: Why are you so handsome, YURA-sama~?! You're going to be the king of this country in the future, aren't you, YURA-sama? If you get hungry in your travels, please eat this!

Panel 3: Guys drinking nearby
Guy 1: What a jerk! He's a priest! That pisses me off!
Guy 2: All right! Let's mess him up a bit!

Panel 4: Guys approaching YURA-sama, still surrounded by girls
Guys: Hey you! Stop messing around!
Girls: Eek!

Panel 5: YURA-sama, looking bothered
YURA: Hm. Ugly guys are ugly right down to the heart, aren't they?

Panel 6: Guys rushing at YURA-sama, ready to punch!
Guys: You asshole!

Panel 7: YURA-sama, looking like he's going to cast a spell as Guys run at him
YURA: I guess there's no choice.

Panel 8: YURA-sama casts the spell!

Panel 9: Guys have turned into baby chickens! They say "piyo piyo"

Panel 10: YURA-sama pointing at them
YURA: Now finally girls can think you're cute.

Panel 11: Girls surrounding YURA-sama and hugging him
Girls: Kyaa~ YURA-sama, you're the best!! You're too handsome! Please, take me!
Voice from off the panel: YURA-sama! I've been looking for you!

Panel 12: A sentry is bowing to YURA, who's still surrounded by girls
A monster attacked the castle, and it's really awful! The king.. and the queen.. have..

Panel 13: YURA-sama looking surprised and disturbed

Panel 14: Shot of outside of broken down-looking castle

Panel 15: Shot of inside broken down caste

Panel 16: Shot of YURA-sama looking at his dead father and mother, the king and queen (in coffins, of course!)

Panel 17: A tear drips down YURA-sama's cheek
YURA: So, losing someone you love is.. this terrible..

Panel 18: Shot ofYURA-sama's clenched fist
YURA: If it's this saddening.. if it's this painful...

Panel 19: YURA-sama looking pissed!
YURA: I'll never love again!

Panel 20: Random shot of the tile floor (must have needed something to take up space) 1