Making your way down Forty-second Street now
Well you owl like the wind and
You're draggin' your feet on the ground

Don't care 'bout tomorrow coming
'Cause you know you're heading straight for the moon
You forget about all of your sorrow
'Cause you know you're gonna be there soon, you got money to burn

You did it all in the name of Rock and Roll
But you dug down so deep that
You can't find you way out of that hole

Bad habits are hard to break
But you know you're gonna reap what you sow
Well, the world is knocking upon your door
All you say is easy come, easy go

You got money to burn
And you know that she will never learn
She got money to burn
Baby, watch your bridges burn
Walking on fire, sleeping on nails
Skidding on razors, coming off the rails

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