On a once worn path
Struggle for significance
Night and day all the same
Stories told inspire change

Of this gracious fortune
Sacrifices to be made
Dignity and unity
For some shall fade to grey
Great wars and conflict
Seem a daily monotony
As some struggle within
Destined to be enslaved

Broken down
Wrapped in chains

Belief the only way forward
All beaten to submission

Taking a glance to the other side
Though the deceptive lies
As the ages move forward
No one knows what is true or false
But its secrets must be stored
No matter what the cost

Questions keep arising
Contradictions always apparent
Always telling lie after lie
Covering up on the highest level
Security can't be breached
Too many people have their hands in this purse
What will become
These forceful tyrants have their minions walking

Brainwashed fools
Stagger streets like zombies
These alien beings
Rule this world with a book

A plan two thousand years old
Taking longer than ever imagined
But still won't ever give up
Humankind much stronger than first thought
Summons power to question
Things without sufficient evidence
But still won't ever give in
Too many years have been spent on this

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