i wake, it's empty, my nights are alone,
the cold sweats will stay here for hours and hours.
my mind it grows weak,
no rest that i'm getting. i can't sleep,
tomorrow's here. a new day is rising,
i've seen it before.
the sun won't make things any brighter no more.
i don't want, wanna keep going on like this,
like this is for sure. look through the window,
the clouds they look back,
reflections all pass by the moments i've lapsed.
i'm tied down to nothing and i still can't think,
there's another night to fear.
no sleep for days, no pills to take,
all the sheep that i've counted
and i'm still awake. close my eyes,
this time it's for sure, eyes open,
eyes open wide again.
what can i do when tomorrow is through,
and another hour keeps pushing me on back.

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