In the mirror I can see reflections staring back at me
I turn away and don't like what I am
The reasons why you can run and hide from answers
You would soon deny and tell me that I still don't understand
Now I always make believe I was modeled just like you
Followed in the footsteps finding everything I needed to
Walk like the dead never hear anything
The legend I've become inside of me
Boy at his youth one day finds out the truth
The years just pass him by
Never look back into the past your reality never seems to last
You fill the voids with shit and believe
Well I've made mistakes on my behalf
Paid the price can only laugh on how and why things really ought to be
Living on the edge of where my fear would touch the sky
Branded by the future scars that make me realize
I'm growing old and my story's been told, will it ever see the light of day
It's all about me this reflection I see as the years just pass on by
Figure out this anger as I watch the time go by
All these dreams and feeling without you ever on my mind

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