She had a dream that dated back to school
In a time when things faded out so
Chased it with desire set the world on fire
Left all her friends and family behind
Pictures made her dirty movies far from clean
DId the things she thought she'd never do
Stepping-stones to glory spiral down to hell
Cover up the wounds they won't come clean
Electrified enough money buys
Too many bills it's time to kill
Lucky I resist all temptations
Revolving doors go round
Her appearance worse a need
A scene that's hard to be noticed
Do everything to chase her dream
Living only to touch the moon
But you never leave the ground
They'll try to take away your will
Try to push you down
Purified not so qualified
Ever since the day that it changed your life
Terrified by the world outside
They told me that I would never fit in
Electrified enough money buys too many bills
It's time to kill lucky I resist all temptations
Next time I think I'll runaway

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