so we trade our lives in for that fragile piece of mind
that tells us everything is gonna be ok.
we work our lives away and keep our savings saved,
and wait inside for a rainy day.
but all that time the sun is shining.
all those days are lost we convince ourselves
we need a purpose, and when it's not too clear
why all of us are here we follow the path that's made for us.
and we'll sit around
and wonder what has happened to our lives
when we realize that our purpose has no purpose,
that the lives we could have had we all left for dead
when we let our lives be lived for us.
i once knew a girl who wanted all the world
but she settled for the simple life instead,
after years of nine-to-five,
that yearning feeling died she joined the ranks of the living dead.
and all that time the sun was shining all her days were lost,
she'd convinced herself she'd need a purpose,
and when it wasn't clear,
the reason she was here she followed just like a lot of us.
she sat around and wondered what had happened to her life,
everything seemed to be in such a rush.
the dreams she could have had were not the ones she had,
and she realized it wasn't enough.

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