Shes not much of a poet but shes got this way with words
That keeps dragging me back to my love for romance
Despite the way it hurts
Just when I think that Im enough
There always seems to be someone better than me
Shes bittersweet
So tell me where were going
And why Im lonely
Tell me the words that you told me on the drive home I want to know, where do we go
When the lights not changing Like the boy whos waiting
I need to feel with my old heart again
So I can tell if were better off friends
I didnt mean it like that I never could understand
The loss of the love I was chasing away
But you like it like that
Love and you back to back
Suddenly Im in need Of a motive in me
But they say the boy is growing weaker each day
And it shows but I know
That without you Im just blossoming
Into the boy who loved to sing
But you, you got me in a choke
Dont say that Im not the type to love long Dont say that Im a lie
You cut me off
But youve got nothing to show for I took the fall
But it wasnt enough
Youve got this bittersweet bitter-sweetness
Cut me off, tell me Im the only one
With the love that youve needed to be
Youve got this bittersweet bitter-sweetness

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