Under this dead and faded sun
I disappear and turn to stone
Wake me now
Like a secret mission inside my brain
Falling underneath
The sign of contortion
Bleeding little creatures
dancing on my head
Singing songs of the beautiful dead
Now I slowly drive my poem
Into her corrupted thoughts
The only future she knows
Strapped by the unchangeable rage
Could hart's secret beauty
I call unto you
I try so hard not to laugh
As I lay my arms around her
I always knew it would be
A dance of demise and forever amity
Disgusted faces in my mirror
Telling me to stab my own soul
I turn to watch the body behind me
But I notice she's already gone
Let me see your dead lands
I call unto your light
This light is blinds me
Still I climb higher than this
To feed the dark
It rips me open
It blinds me
Back from the journey outside
I need the walls to protect me
And as a goddess enters my pride
I'll give her what she wants.....
Underthis dead and faded sun
I disappear and turn to stone
Wake me now
Come and dance with me!!!

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