I collect your lies
Lives from all things rotten
The root of all your sins
Is written on my skin and bones
Just accept your fait
Your dooms already signed for
By the pagan queen, coz
You re painted by the flood
"say that you'd never go,
That nothing can tear you away,
I'm everything you want.
Say that i'm all you need
That everything stays the same
Or i'll reep you apart"
Climbing up the walls
Trying to escape me
But mother sees it all
The mirror never lies, and
Children, children hear:
Never play with fire
I will burn you raw
Then tuck you in to rest
And dream while your soul slowly fades into nothing
Dream as your bones decomposes to dust
Dream while you let your thoughts take you to heaven
Soon it's to late no escape from your fate
Then went to the party with a noisy attitude
And they knew they were going to be pretty fucking rude
But the lady ini the hallway were looking rather nice
She said: "welcome to the death row
They looked at facil other with a sightly sens of doubt
Then they entered the living room
But their places at the table were taken one by one
By them selves, then they knew they were replaced

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