I heard the window break
I did a double take
I saw the lights on a Police car
I may look guilty but please don't kill me
I can explain although it sounds bizarre

I done some dumb things
I jumped off porch swings
Lost a tussle with a 'lectric fence
I will confess, sir
Was to impress her
The only way this all makes sense, is…

Brain chemistry made me do it
So you see, sir it wasn't my fault
It was a bad choice, I knew it
I was just hopin' that I wouldn't get caught

If you could see her you would agree sir
She is enough to make you lose control
I broke her window. Was it as sin though?
I was poisoned by testosterone

Bewildered brain receptors
Since dark prehistory
Have ruled our thoughts and actions i
Is love a mystery… or just brain chemistry

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