Hector stands and watches the river roll by
He says he'd soon die as to change his plans
It will go down soon, that's what they say
But it doesn't feel that way from where Hector stands

So Hector prays, to see his home his desire
And end this trial by fire that is living these days
"Lord, my body is weak but my spirit is stronger"
"Give me just a little longer" is what Hector prays

Then Hector laughs and it fills us with wonder
His voice sounds like thunder when he says "this river is my path"
He stepped into the river and strode out over the water
To midstream and still further and I can still hear him laugh

The universe smiles on true grace and intention
That's no new invention, it's the law, it's the plan
Hector is laughing and smiling and waving
From the far other shore where Hector stands

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