You sit there alone and you mumble
When I ask, you just grumble and lie
Then I press you again and you fumble for words
And try to stumble your way to goodbye

You say that our love is slowly collapsing
It's very framework is coming apart
By the sound of your sigh it's like a piece of the sky
Has fallen down and broken your heart

It's just the rain coming down
Just the rain coming down
It's the rain coming down
So baby, don't cry
It's just the rain coming down it's not the sky

Yes, I know we've had some troubles
That doesn't mean that our love will end
Because even if our trials were doubled
It's nothing that a strong love can't mend

So if your hopes and your spirit should tumble
Till you think our love might crumble and die
Just remember the best sometimes stumble
It keeps them humble enough to get by

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