Well, she's doing it again
Committing my favorite sin
Like she was her own evil twin
Dr Jeckel, Ms Hyde
She's breaking all of nature's laws
A little side effect that has no cause
She's making something out of nothing
She's my quantum valentine

It's the old argument of which came first
The sows ear or her blue silk purse
If the answer is a blessing or a curse time
Only time can tell
She's got me feeling kinda out of place
Like a quarter in a penny arcade
Like sunglasses in the shade
Or hot cider on the 4th of July

She's a common law celebrity
The queen of impropriety
An affront to my sobriety
She is the storm around the calm
When she looks that look at me
It's like I'm blind but still can see
It melts away reality
And I'm right there in her palm

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