A sunny day wasn't in the cards
The rain was cold and it was blowing hard
He was curled up tight against a bus stop bench
He looked just like he could use a wrench

I was smug; you see I'd been around
I walked right up and I sat right down
I said, "old man, you've got some trouble in your life
I'm here to help you sit things right"

He said "trouble is a trick of light
It disappears when you look at it just right
So much confusion from an optical illusion, trouble"

His words, they took me by surprise
That dirty bum he had conviction in his eyes
He took my sincere desire to help and all my good intentions
And turned them back upon themselves


My road is paved like the road to hell
My good intentions didn't serve me very well
But you take your chances and you plant your seeds
With a little luck you get back something that you need… like trouble


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