Mama always prayed that i'd be a better man than daddy
And i determined not to let her down
Deserted by the man she loved and left to raise four children
We were the local gossip of the town.

I promised her that i'd live right and not be like the others
But i wound up in jail on chrismas day
I told her i'd be home and not to worry 'bout my brothers
When i got home my mom had passed away


And i hear tell the road to hell is paved with good intentions
And mama my intentions were the best
There's lotsa things in my life i just as soon not mention
Looks like i've turned out like all the rest
But mama my intentions were the best

A little boy with big blue eyes a-beggin' to go fishing
I promised him but never took the time
Now they won't let me see him and i sit here a-wishing
Wishin' i could hold him one more time

(repeat chorus)

But mama my intentions were the best

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