Now there are days when i dont have a clue where to find me
My shadow feels like a stranger lagging behind me, i feel like a king cept
I cant get a break, bad timing.
But the reason the questions and my second guessing,
Dont hang around to

You keep lovin me, lovin me, lovin me,lovin me, lovin me baby
You keep lovin me, lovin me, lovin me, lovin me, lovin me baby
I can step right into the great unknown and
Always finding my way back home
You keep lovin me lovin me, luvin me lovin me lovin me baby

Its so crazy no matter how much your pouring.
You seem to find a way to fit a little bit more in
You smile that smile and it feels like a brand new morning, your bound and
Determine and but i dont deserve it but god knows where i would be.
If you didnt keep

Life can take you, turn you, twist you right in two, oh bring it on, i got
A you

You keep lovin me

Oh baby

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