Whoa, whoa

Shes got a suitcase packed in the trunk,trunk, trunk
Shes got a see you later song that went bump bump bump
Shes got a hurtin heavy heart, that went thump thump thump
Shes leaving
Shes got a bucket of tears goin drop drip drop
And that ring on her finger is comin off off off
Shes got a boyfriend yelling to stop stop stop

Shes leaving

Should have done this, should have done that
Should have seen this comin, guess you dont see nothing when your running
Shes history, wrapped up memory, tied up tight with a broken heart strings
At that things that will never be

Shes leaving

Whoa whoa

She left your dreams in the washing a machine, chine, chine
Now shes a red light turning to green, green green
Shes a goner if know what i mean, mean, mean
Shes leavin

Oh no shes leaving

Looking her going down right over your road, saying to herself should have
Done this a long time ago
Shoulda done this, shoulda done that, should have seen this comin, guess
You dont see nothin when your running around

Shes shes leaving
Shes leavin
Shes leavin
That girl, that girl shes leaving
Yea shes leaving
That girls shes leaving
Shes leavin, shes leaving

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