Yo queiro de silga algo de el soldado

[Verse 1: Rasheed]
Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka
Kamikaze kiluminati with us get rich and disappear
Insert the bomb and clear out through the smoke
On a mudafuckin island
Broke basis to fixed finances
Game advancin romancin wit stones enhancin
My throne mind blown
Gone in a war dimension
But Momma you still locked and kiss and hug me
Other than that I'm livin thugly
Soldier ugly drugly
Lifestyles of the rich and frustrated
Bust I love and I'm hated
But I won't be straight until I'm platinum plated gold graded
Spray it in blue on a wal and I spell it in red
When I fall dead
How many federalswant the southern confederate head
Who me?
Chief Rasheed
The first degree
That nigga that came from Philly
Set but I got my quarters set up in Houston G
Mutilaor mixin wit forty-nines and Yankees
Driftin gypsy
I'm janky but when I get wreck like the saint you'll thank me
Bank me a million speakin on civilian
Situations pavillion unpentrated Brazilian
Immunity rated
Deadly diplomats on a ship wit rats
Pirates for the bounty wit nuthin but killas around me
Premium connesoiur professional specialist
Expert of bloody war I'm sure to the death of this AAHHH

[Chorus: Lupita]
Y una noche
Y me tomo y beso and yo mi dilse
Espara chico
Normida nuca
Y antes todo y ya me dese
Es el soldado
Es el soldao
Mi tiene loca
Y maras mira y ya to toca
Y hilge en la noche
El soldado

[Verse 2: Rasheed]
I'm ya sneaky Sicilian
Creepin the streets like a civilian Dominican
Another mudafuckin lucky luciano swindelin
San Fran to Costa Rica Ricky Donnell Noreaga
We got a hundred kilos stuffed in the Winnabega
Asta la vista
Pass me that Master Card and Visa that nine millimeta
Bullets move the speed of a cheetah
I got Laquita in the Burb to the back for Lupita
For pinche five-o me got suicidal senoritas
They can't defeat us in my fleet
It's a must we keep the heatas
For the crooked criminals contemplation
Ways they can beat us
Sippin Kaluha wit a black Russian bon appetite
Drinks that passion the night for the paper don't fuck wit da chief
Puffin that Panama red Indian and I feel a thrill as I fly over the Bay
Yes sir
We murder moyos that try to spoil the game wit hatin
I work wit faces that look strange as chameleons changin
Cuz on this planet in this year it's like a pot of gumbo
Be ready for the rumble with the five-o talkin to Columbo

[Chorus: Lupita]

[Verse 3: Rasheed]
My street vendettas is quality
Biology serious psychology
Suspicious search
To the final clue investigators perk
We movin seven digit serial numbers imperial
You dealin wit a devil dumper
Loas the astrovan
Travelin like an astro van
Wit da possibility
To chop the cop facility
Like trees in tranquility
Park my abilities
Dark sparkin the underground tactics
Smellin blood like sharks
Narks parked in a black Skylark
Like the narks
Buildin paper notorious like Noah's Ark
Official business we courageous for currency
Far from submission not even when these hoes bury me
Fast money
It take a sec to wreck oppostion systematic crackin dummies
Automatic for drama addicts
Ghetto government a kind of gangsterism
Got me locked up in this motherfuckin prison

[Chorus: Lupita]