My voice still echoes
Cause i feel this pain
This place is strange and cold
People don't see it
Lyrics and sounds guide me
And may provide this straight i feel you
A simple melody that i'll never forget would be in my dreams

Alone i miss your embrace and company
All moments that we lived together as one
Your smile and voice are here inside my head
I can't touch you right now someday i'll be with you

...and i'm here again
I feel your presence and light
...and i'm here again
I hear you far away
Maybe someday i'll meet you again
I'm waiting for...
And this time our souls will be as one

Now i know
The reason i'm still here

Love and hate
Keeps me a prisoner

I know and i believe
In an another life we'll meet
Together, we will be
And i'll have your love again

And together till the end of time

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