Tu amor (tu amor)
Means the world to me
Estarás siempre en mi corazón
You're the one in my soul
And I live for
Tu amor (tu amor)
Tua amor
Mi amor

Wanna play? Come on, set the game on
Can't resist the heat, it's getting too strong
Wanna play? Take two shots and let's go
I'm waiting, so waiting
See I know what's up mami
I'm a loco too if you try me
Make me a part of your party
The kinda party that we both know

Dance Dance Dance
Rock Rock Rock
Roll Roll Roll
Contigo cariño mio

Did I tell you how I like it
I like everything about it
Baby, what a blessing
I've been dancing for a decade
Fell in love with it the first date
Baby there's no guessing

I wanna be the rain
That falls on you
Washes away the pain
I wanna be the sun
That shines on you
Warms your world each day
I wanna be the sky that holds the stars for you
So you never lose your way
I wanna be the wind that kisses your face
I wanna be the rain

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