What's Johnny doin' out on Tuesday night?
When Johnny can't read and Johnny can't rite
Johnny just don't understand
Johnny don't care about this world
As long as he can fuck a girl
And prove that he's a man

Johnny wastes his days eatin' ludes
He's a teenage vegetable
Getting high proves that he's cool
Johnny hates to think, he's ignorant
He's a blind and brainwashed pig
Ring a bell, he starts to drool

Degenerated! Degenerated! And you minds have vegetated!
Degenerated! Degenerated! And your thoughts are constipated!

He's got P.C.P. in his veins
He's got a void in his brain
He's addicted to the T.V.
And when he's old, he's gonna have a son
They'll both grow old deaf and dumb
What's to become of young Johnny?

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