Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
But everyone can see
A perfect fit for my chin on your shoulder
I'm hardly missing a piece

To a puzzle that never made an image
Anything but vivid, was never anything to me
Gave me trouble but now I see the picture
And all the colors lift her up
And I like what I see

You are beautiful
Inside and out
Your arms have been my hostel
You give me rest and make my heart lie down
You found a way to make my heart lie down

Time is under no man's law
It will not favor the strong
It's always running out on you
And always taking so long

To deliver
A quintessential answer
Carefully understand her
Then take a stand for her

And give her
More than she's expected
Give until perfected
And find a way to give her more

And I'll never know the mystery
Of why you choose to love me
Must be the man in the sky
And even thought the wind guides me
I want you right beside me
To end this vagrant life

Oh my anxious heart is waiting
There is truth in all I'm saying
And honesty in my every word
And even though I'm in these faraway places
Without names for all the faces that I meet
I'm coming back for you

I cannot stop the beat
It only gains in speed
And it will not be still
Or quiet until I see you

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